User Interface Design & Development

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User Experience (UX) Design

When trying to provide the optimum user experience, the essential requirement is to deliver a solution which directly and precisely meets the exact needs of the end-user without causing trouble.

Once this is accomplished, the focus should be on creating simplicity and elegance in the solution, making it a pleasure to the eye and a joy to use.

The true user experience should go far beyond the customer's expectations and encompass much more than mere compliance with a list of required functionalities.

In the delivery of new innovative solutions, invokers have the expertise required to take the solution all the way from the good idea to the implementation and go live stages. Including the intermediary deliverables needed to offer the optimum user experience.

Invokers provide:

Information architecture

Interface and navigation structure

Interaction design

Page-level layout and user-specific task resolution and component flow

Development of user-friendliness

Development and synchronisation of expected and actual user behaviour

Visual Design

Consistent development and visual processing of front-end elements and components

Prototype development

Design and combination of functional interactive concepts

Front-end Technology and Development

To deliver user-friendly, well-designed and great solutions, it is not enough just to have a sexy design “on paper” – It also has to be well-functioning, smooth-working and fast-responding to the user's input when running “in the real world”.

invokers can provide solutions stretching from the complex integration with SAP and all the way out to the user's device – be it a web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

invokers' consultants and specialists build solutions based on the best of the latest techniques within front-end technology: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, etc., just as we have good experience with SAP’s latest UI toolkit, SAPUI5.

Invokers also have the capabilities to develop Apps for iOS and Android, as well as hybrid frameworks for these platforms.

And of course we already have hands-on experience with new and interesting technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – Call us for a demo and a presentation of the possibilities.

UI/UX Strategy roadmap

Get on top of your UX strategy in relation to SAP

The demands on ERP applications keep going up, as users' expectations on applications are influenced more and more by Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The ERP world as we know it is changing, which leads to changes also in SAP which may be difficult to keep up with and relate to one's existing IT strategy. SAP is changing from being a transaction-driven desktop-based system for experts to being a role-driven, mobile-based system for everyone.

This change has a knock-on effect on a company's IT and SAP strategies, and invokers have therefore developed a series of workshops which we call SAP UI/UX strategy roadmap.

In the course of this process, your company will acquire insights into SAP's direction in relation to UI/UX, which technologies and tools to use when and last, but not least, a mapping of these to help you determine which will be relevant to your particular company and users. In addition, you will be given practical tools to help you define and measure how your future applications should be designed in order to meet the demands of modern IT users.


Get on top of SAP's overall UI/UX strategy and its underpinning technology and tools.

Get the required capabilities to put the above in perspective, seen in relation to your own SAP installation and future use

Get practical tools to create and realise an optimised user experience in your ERP applications


Our SAP UI/UX strategy roadmap is delivered in the form of a short series of workshops arranged over a short time span. The workshops will be customised to match your individual requirements, but will otherwise follow a set course to provide you with an insight into what makes the optimum user experience for your users.