Innovate and Run with invokers

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You will get an extremely fast, thoroughly checked and tested model to describe and address a business issue.

You do not run any risks in the development of the solution – if anything acts up or presents challenges, it is our job to solve it.

You will pay only for the time you use the APP and it gives you actual value. Once it has served its purpose, you simply cancel your subscription.

New delivery model

“Innovate and run with invokers” is a novel way to deliver solutions.

We charge a fixed price for going through the design process together with you. It is a structured process which lasts 1-2 weeks.

The outcome is a visual mock-up of your potential solution which can be tested directly by your end-users. This way, it is possible to validate the business case before starting the development process.

If you wish to have the APP turned into a reality, we will start building your specific app against your SAP system. Because we develop the solution in the cloud (Amazon, Microsoft or SAP – whatever your IT department prefers), the only requirement we make of you is that your IT department must install the SAP Cloud connector in your SAP system.

When we are done, we will present the finished result – and if you like it, you will pay for the use of the APP on a monthly basis, until it is no longer relevant for you to use. You can cancel your subscription whenever you like.

We will take care of the hosting, operation, and support of the solution via your preferred cloud provider (SAP, Microsoft or Amazon)

See how we can work together to create innovative SAP solutions

At invokers we have chosen to offer our customers and partners a brand new delivery model

which we consider more up-to-date and in line with the preferred way of buying IT solutions today.

We call this concept “Innovate & Run with invokers”.

Basically speaking, our concept is about getting safely and quickly through this process:

We will guide you through SAP’s Design Thinking process concerning an issue or opportunity for improvement.
With our deep technical insight into SAP, our efficient design process and our talent for creating user-friendly, attractive mobile
and web solutions, we ensure that your issue will be challenged and resolved in the best possible way.

Based on the outcome of the above, we build your APP (web),
while you go on with your business as usual – free of charge.

When we are done, we will take care of all aspects of commissioning, hosting, and support,
as well as promoting and rolling out your new APP. You will pay only for the use of the new APP.