Get Started With SAP Fiori

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Get a quick feel for the new possibilities offered by SAP

Many companies find it difficult to keep up with SAP's pace of releasing new software and solutions.
Some have attempted to be "first movers" in using the new technologies but often with considerable associated costs.

In 2013 SAP launched a new UX/UI strategy which for the first time addresses the need for simplified,
straightforward access to some of the most widely used SAP processes: SAP Fiori Apps,

SAP Fiori

At invokers we are thrilled by the new strategy as well as the SAP Fiori initiative.
However, we understand why some of our customers prefer to think twice before they act.

To many, it is also a matter of finding the right business case for
launching a new user interface to something which exists already.

We have therefore decided to offer a get started with SAP Fiori package to enable companies to
try out the product in their own environment and with their own data at a fixed price.


This eliminates the risk associated with venturing into a new technology, as we will charge a fixed price, regardless of any problems that may arise

You will get started quickly and will acquire knowledge about the product and its possibilities of mobilising SAP data and processes.

We will advise you on how to fit the SAP UX/UI strategy into your company and staff.


Our service offer is delivered in the form of a number of workshops where we work together to examine FIORI and its principles, architecture, and strategy in relation to your company – including in particular the use of SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

We will also introduce you to various deployment possibilities (cloud, on-premise, hybrid), including SAP Fiori Cloud Edition, and explain the correlation with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

We will then select 2-3 apps which we will set up (possibly in co-operation with your internal people) on your systems.