Design Thinking

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When a solution has to be first-time-right

invoker's design process is a service designed to support customers in the innovative process of creating new mobile and web applications in full alignment with the principles of Design Thinking, SCRUM, and Contextual Design. It is an agile method suitable for a wide range of projects. As such, it takes its starting point in the user and the challenge to be overcome. invokers' design process is a powerful way to overcome design challenges and offers the opportunity to release an entirely novel potential.

Typical deliverables

Examples of deliverables include – but are not limited to – requirements specifications which include specific, measurable targets for the solution, persona descriptions or user models, Journey Maps, Epic and detailed User Stories, mock-ups, wireframes, contextual interviews and Affinity charts, working models and role concepts, storyboarding, prototyping and HIFI prototyping and graphic design, as well as identification of particular end-user trust requirements using invokers' own ”End-user trust requirements” tool.


  • • Gives solutions a high degree of user acceptance.
  • Makes the solution more user-friendly.
  • Translates the business requirements into technical requirements.
  • Improves the quality of requirements specifications and blueprints.
  • Reduces the time spent on doing everything over and over again.
  • Ensures a happy smiley from the end-user.
  • HFaster process design.
  • Reduced ”time-to-market”
  • Better match between requirements and solution.


  • Optimisation of user-friendliness, identification of low-hanging fruits, instant solutions.
  • Uncovering of user groups and new concept characteristics.
  • Evaluation and re-design of existing mobile and web-centric solutions.
  • Next generation of applications and requirements specifications.
  • Ensuring connectivity and continuity.
  • Design of own SAP FIORI apps.
  • Design of Webparts.


Our design team supports the customer in the execution of the design process itself, and thanks to their technical background and hardcore ERP capabilities, they will ensure that the good idea can be properly implemented and turned into reality. In other words, we have divided the process into three design modes: Inventing (I've got an idea) – Here we start from zero, taking the good idea or the business issue to address as our starting point. Surfacing (New things have come up) – Gradually, as we wish to improve a solution or process, new things will come up which must be addressed as well. Streamlining (Minor adjustments) – Here we know from the start which minor modifications or adjustments to make in order to bring the solution up to date.