Design Thinking Studio

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Learn to fail fast

“What if – there was a room where all your ideas could become a reality?
Even those you had not yet thought completely through?”

How many finished IT projects fail? How many are delayed or never reach the commissioning stage?
In order for your IT project to be everything you dreamed of from Day 1,
you need to consider a different way to run your development project.
Start with a tour of invoker's Design Thinking Studio.

Unique in Denmark. And one of just very few places in the world.

Perhaps you do not realise how much the surroundings influence the ability to think freely, sharply and without limits? Or do you? At invokers – experts of agile and effective development processes – we have set up our Design Thinking Studio at the top of our building. Try and bring your employees in here. And let our experienced team guide them through the process.

We have been engaged in the development of large, comprehensive IT projects for many years. Our focus has been on creating the right results for our customers. Therefore we have completely rethought the way we handle the development process. And one of the things we have learned? The importance of making the right room to set creativity and ideas free from the well-trodden path. This room we now offer to our customers. Along with a process which has been proven to work.

Not just lots of talk. Also lots of concrete benefits.

We do let the imagination run wild at our workshops – but when users are both listened to and challenged, we typically find that the requirements become significantly reduced. Most of our customers achieve a ROI on their finished IT solutions of just 3-6 months, all because of this process. For instance a complete package with target architecture, solution requirements, user stories, End User Trust Requirements, visual mock-ups of the finished solution, and value analyses. Ready to present to the management and other stakeholders – and ready for active use in the further work. No matter who is in charge of the development.

Fail fast – and succeed on time. More than you can imagine.

If you start by visualising the savings you make – or actually just consider how easy daily life will be in your company – simply by ensuring that your required IT solution works as it is supposed to? Right from the start. Go on to think: what if the development was easier and faster? If the implementation was nearly finished before you even started? And if all users happily and cheerfully bought into the solution and began to use it as expected on the very first day?

The right solution, mind you.

Then you will already know the result of invokers' Design Thinking Process.
Which our other customers have tried. Do you want to try it too?