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invokers developed and integrated a display function to display a fully up-to-date image of all the required data. Easy navigation facilities customised to suit the daily work and instantly provide a complete overview.

Erik Roesen Larsen

Senior Director, Head of Organisational Capabilities, Maersk Drilling & Maersk FPSOs, Maersk Drilling

“All I can say is that all aspects of the project have progressed completely smoothly.”

Safety is essential

The requirements regarding compliance and skills are essential to the level of safety which must be incredibly high on an oil rig. If an accident should happen, the consequences are enormous. In both human, environmental, and financial terms. Therefore, Maersk Drilling must constantly be able to document that they have the best qualified people on their team. Even if offshore Internet connections are generally so slow that land-based applications cannot operate on the same system onshore as on the oil rig.

Updated image of qualifications

As Maersk Drilling's partner of choice, invokers have participated in the development of an application to provide a fully up-to-date overview of the employees' qualifications. The solution will run in the existing SharePoint system landscape, but with a link to the SAP data source, including SAP HR, which is located onshore.



The solution is based on SAP and SharePoint technology.
SAP delivers all business critical data. The application's user interface is built in SharePoint, which is installed locally on the individual oil rig and accesses SAP data on the mainland, often via slow satellite connections. As to SAP, we primarily work with data within the HR module, including shift planning, LSO, employee master data (qualifications and positions).

An application which requires no training

Today, all the necessary information is accessible at the forefront of the oil rig. The information is never more than 24 hours old and so clear and easy to understand that everybody can use the application without training. The application has automated the process, giving the offshore manager a quick, clear overview of the situation. The solution is therefore extremely easy to use.