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invokers raised E.ON's key account portal from being a heavy and sluggish system to being an agile, flexible and modern solution. And the key accounts... came pouring in.


Margareta Weber

Head of E.ON's Solution Development and Support

“invokers is the only firm of consultants that I know which maintains an absolute focus on building attractive, user-friendly web and mobile solutions which hook effectively into the hardcore business logic of SAP”



EPiSERVER on Microsoft Windows Azure, SAP Netweaver, HTML5.

The portal runs on an EPiServer, with the user interface and design implemented in HTML5/CSS3. After invokers have redesigned the platform, it now runs with a flexible, yet efficient integration layer against SAP as well as a robust, responsive and solid front-end architecture. The solution is hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure, where E.ON benefits massively from the incredible flexibility of this great cloud platform.

New portal attracts and retains key accounts in the energy sector

Successfully. Our key accounts now have a really good portal. These are e.g. industrial companies, building contractors, real estate managers and housing associations which can now log into their own pages to get not only an overview over their energy situation, but also useful information to manage their electricity, gas, and district heating spends. Energy consumption analyses and comparisons across the customer's facilities, granular down to the hour level, allow customers to follow up on their energy consumption and identify patterns of inappropriate consumption. This genuinely impacts the bottom line when we are dealing with several millions' worth of energy spending. In addition, the portal improves the administrative services for the customers, so that for instance housing associations with thousands of tenants can manage, say, billing and cost accounting more easily.

The portal provides true benefits in our initial dialogue with new customers, and customer satisfaction has been vastly improved. Simply put, we are now much more able to attract and retain key energy accounts.

Optimised business benefits with attractive solutions

We were struggling with an extremely expensive and unmanageable giant of a system which simply didn't do E.ON any good. Like all other companies, E.ON is in a world of rapid change where the customers expect and demand smart digital services. We wanted an efficient platform which could quickly and reliably be extended in step with increasing requirements to give us the option to offer new appealing functions and digital services to our key accounts.

invokers improved our business capabilities

We gave invokers a fairly free hand in designing the required turn-around process, and their consultants became part of our own project team in a dual capacity as developers and chief architects. Of course we regularly face increasing demands on our web solutions, and our own business capabilities had to be developed in order for us to accommodate the changing conditions on the consumer market. For instance, in a close co-operation we began to work on improving the architecture, development process and technology utilisation.