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I consider invokers’ Design Thinking a paradigm shift: from focusing on transformation to focusing on information.

“It is a completely new equation. Did they actually consider whether they are measuring something which does not have any real effect on the business?”

Steen Kronborg

Chief Enterprise Architect with Dansk Supermarked

Has been using invokers' Design Thinking method, and calls the process
a journey up into a completely different league.

“On what do we spend our time?
Which specific information do we need to accomplish the tasks?

“These are the simple, yet the most important questions that we need to answer in connection with our work on Going away from the comfort zone. To context, relevance, and value reflected in the software – and this is why we decided to involve invokers. I wanted to to present our business to their Design Thinking Concept – so we could learn to find out what actually creates value for us.”

Going away from the comfort zone. To context, relevance, and value

“invokers have introduced us to a new way of doing development work, and the experience is a good one. Actually, my staff are quite open and positive towards the method which has moved them away from the comfort zone – without making them feel uncomfortable. With the process, we have realised that there may be other ways to go about life and go about the problems.

One of our challenges is that the people who are building our existing systems are of course some of the most skilled people. But the people who will be using the systems may have only 4 months' experience in the company, and they cannot and should not be forced to work their way through by means of guesswork. The solution is about context and relevance in all working situations. For instance by making sure that the systems show only the right data instead of a plethora of fields. The mindset, learning and accountability aspects inherent in Design Thinking work so well that we are already using it in other contexts.”

Design Thinking solves new multidimensional equations

‟What I expect of the results? I strongly believe that this approach will boost positivity and raise quality – but perhaps most of all that we will be introduced to a novel type of equation. For years in our company, we have been really good at optimising and transforming everything, for we are of course quite familiar with all the levers we can pull. But I am beginning to ask myself whether we may in fact be overlooking something? Whether we are busy measuring something which may not even affect our daily work and our bottom line? With Design Thinking we can detect and eliminate previously hidden costs. For instance, take a situation where you need 20 minutes to issue a really good order request – but you only have 5 minutes available to do it, so either you don't get around to doing it at all – or you just scamp it. What is the outcome of that task, and how do you measure it? And how do we change the rules of play?

Here we have concluded that it is all about getting the right information without any disturbing noise. We are releasing minutes because people do not have to look for the information they need. We have also taken a hard look at the time required to actually start a process. For if the process never gets started...what then? Design Thinking helps us to see both the tasks and solutions in a different light to include all facets in our equations.”

invokers are unique.
And they hit smack on The Sweet Spot

“In our collaboration, invokers have driven the process with me as the lead, and they are simply a breath of fresh air. Their big strength is that they supply hardcore UX knowledge laced with a strong enterprise understanding. They speak our language, they have business insight, an exceptional and unconventional approach to processes and user experiences – and the ability to go straight to The Sweet Spot. This makes them unique in today's market.”